Recruitment is Closing Early!

Due to an unprecedented amount of applicants to #jointeamhostler we have decided to close the recruitment post early!!

Therefore this is gentle reminder to applicants who are processing their applications to do so no later than Midday Monday 12th March 2018. That gives prospective candidates over this weekend to complete and process applications and send them in. Following this we will release another interview date next week.

This is also a gentle reminder for all candidates who’s applications have already been selected for interview this week on Friday 9th March 2018. Please check your email inbox and text messages, regarding confirmation of your interviews, if you wish to be interviewed this week. Failure to do so will mean that your slot will be back filled by another candidate waiting for a chance to be interviewed!!

All recruitment entries will CLOSE MIDDAY MONDAY 12th MARCH 2018.

Finally I would like to personally thank everyone for taking the time so far for getting in touch and applying. It’s been humbling to hear from so many passionate, talented people across the industry, who are ready for innovation and the chance to build our Team further to success!

See you there! #gobigorgohome #teamhostler #hostlerequine

Adele xo


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