New 2018 Price Packages!

It’s Here…. Finally! Anyone who has been following us the last few weeks/days…knows this has been well and truly in the pipeline!

To Loyal Customers – thanks for your patience! To our new customers joining the Hostler Team a warm welcome!

It’s safe to say with a sigh of relief, its published this evening (yay!). We’ve had more technical glitches along the way than anticipated but we are proud of it all the same.

The reason this has been so long in the making is simply because, we’ve invented it! We haven’t seen anything like it on the equestrian market so far and consequently have had to build it from scratch, redesign it (more than once!) and rebuild it!

We now have FOUR packages that we are able to personalise to your request. They are our very own Hostler;

  • Yard Package (for day to day care)
  • Holiday Package (sole charge)
  • Competition Package (all the frills & bows)
  • Extra’s Package (exactly that!)

We want to it to embrace our Innovative Brand, so we have developed a simple, user friendly but comprehensive equine package option. With of course includes, a side order of our trademark flexibility; by being able to make them, exactly how you want them!

There is a price increase, which as mentioned in our newsletter, we understand is nobodies favourite topic!! However (bear with me on this one!) we are innovating the Groom industry and therefore the related Customer service. All our grooms are British Groom Associate members and as we are now an Employer, we have proudly joined the Equestrian Employers Association.

Being part of a professional body isn’t just a tick box exercise for us, its about commitment to our industry, our workers, our customers and our brand.

More so, with our Brand developing and expanding we want to standardise our quality equestrian services to you our customers. That means the same Professional experienced care, tailored to you, no matter what event or location you may be!

We are proud to be a small business and through this development we can reinvest in the future of Professional Equestrian Grooming.

See you there!



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