Hostler at Davison Equestrian

We had the most wonderful experience today, grooming for one of our clients at the prestigious Davison Equestrian. If you know anything about horses, you’ll know this is serious Equestrian Goal territory!!


Absolutely beautiful top class facilities and we got to listen-in and watch Richard Davison himself, teaching our client Prix-St-George level. Fantastic! A feast for the eyes to watch, we didn’t want it to end!

Please read more about the world renowned Davidson Equestrian, Olympic and European medalist and his achievements as they’re simply phenomenal;


Although it undoubtedly reminded me my sitting trot needs more than a little (okay… A LOT!!) of attention, it also reminded me everyone has to start somewhere. We might not all be Olympic riders (although that would be amazing!) but we all have our own goals to set. Maybe that’s hacking a certain route without a blind panic at a different coloured hedge, maybe you’re working on your piaffe or enjoying some liberty work.

Whatever is important to you, wherever you want to be, dream it and keep going. There’s nothing to stop you being the best version of yourself. If you dream & work hard the sky’s the limit!

Adele xo


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