Glebe Farm

It gives me great pleasure to finally announce what we have been beavering away at, at Hostler HQ…Our brand new purpose built equestrian facility!

Offering 12 stables, a brand new ménage, great rider facilities and the most breathtaking off road hacking around.

Our farm is nestled amongst established woodland, lending itself to a really tranquil atmosphere for horse and rider.

We have adopted an innovative ‘no gossip policy’ to protect this atmosphere and make a really lovely space for all to enjoy.

We will soon be updating the page with some great before and after photos so you can really get a sense of the farm.. and the hard work thats been put in!

We cant wait!

If you like the sound of what we have to offer at Glebe Farm, please do get in touch.

Best Bank Holiday wishes to everyone!



Hostler Equine at Belton International 2018!

Without further a due we would like to officially announce we will be exhibiting our Brand and innovative Equine Business at this years Belton International Horse Trails!!

This really is a dream come true for our business as I can remember visiting the horse trails in its infancy when i was about 12 years old! To be there with our own business nearly 20 years later is very special to us.

At our trade stand you will be able to meet the team and chat with us how we can help you, by providing in professional, reliable Grooming Services. You can find out more and head over to grab some freebies!

We are also running a giving away to thank-you for your ongoing support of our little business! Pop along and fill in a competition slip to be in with a chance of winning the prestigious Signature Grooming Kit from Alan Davies, worth £119.99!!!

Can’t wait to see you all there… Trade stand 75…lets pray for no more rain!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions..I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible!

Adele xo

Hostler at Davison Equestrian

We had the most wonderful experience today, grooming for one of our clients at the prestigious Davison Equestrian. If you know anything about horses, you’ll know this is serious Equestrian Goal territory!!


Absolutely beautiful top class facilities and we got to listen-in and watch Richard Davison himself, teaching our client Prix-St-George level. Fantastic! A feast for the eyes to watch, we didn’t want it to end!

Please read more about the world renowned Davidson Equestrian, Olympic and European medalist and his achievements as they’re simply phenomenal;


Although it undoubtedly reminded me my sitting trot needs more than a little (okay… A LOT!!) of attention, it also reminded me everyone has to start somewhere. We might not all be Olympic riders (although that would be amazing!) but we all have our own goals to set. Maybe that’s hacking a certain route without a blind panic at a different coloured hedge, maybe you’re working on your piaffe or enjoying some liberty work.

Whatever is important to you, wherever you want to be, dream it and keep going. There’s nothing to stop you being the best version of yourself. If you dream & work hard the sky’s the limit!

Adele xo

Every Season

After a hectic week last week with technology malfunctions, Tuesday appeared to be continuing the trend. While our eldest is on a school residential trip, my mum popped to take our youngest so I could have a couple of productive hours sat at my little office. That’s completely glorified…it’s a corner of our living room that I’ve commandeered with office based equipment! So I had all good intentions of being a productive whizz yesterday, safe to say it was more of a flop.

So my priority jobs list involved banking, contracts, forms and invoicing…was basically a non starter from the off. After a couple of lengthy customer service calls/ techno lingo lessons it was apparent the two programmes I have been running aren’t compatible….course they aren’t! Marvellous. Safer to say after two hours work I officially felt two months worth of steps backwards, with no quick fix in site. After restarting the ball rolling in the banking direction I concentrated on the other admin jobs I had. Fuelled with copious amounts of tea and some music I managed to blitz the remaining easier jobs…so all was not lost.

I then had the afternoon with my Tuesday herd and there’s nothing like some peace and quiet, poo-picking therapy can’t solve!

Although this was a minor fail in everyday life &/or business related it reminded me of a quote I’d seen at the end of last year;

“Appreciate the journey, even if it’s not where you want to be. Every season serves a purpose”

Last year I took on a promotion in my nursing career that promised high earnings and benefits, however it meant working away for the best part of 6 weeks. Not to mention the daily commute and long hours. When I looked back at the end of last year after a spell of poor health I really questioned my motives of even taking that position; I wasn’t happier or less stressed. I missed my family-especially the kids. Needless to say the role wasn’t for me and I took the leap to pursue my brand, full time.

Now looking back and remembering that quote, prompted by yesterday’s minor blunders only reinforced that message. I can now look back and realise although I didn’t want that career path along with the negatives that came with it, it served me by giving me time to grow personally and refocus my future plans for the business.

So no matter where you are in personal or business life, keep going and have faith that all is working it’s way out, exactly as you need it too.

Happy Humpday!

Adele xo

Our First Publication

Well this week has been rather hectic with a small dose stressfulness! But thats all to be expected when running your own business isn’t it?

However this was the perfect remedy on a Friday afternoon…our first publication! Here’s me looking my goofy self with the ever placid Olympic. A gorgeous horse of one of my longest clients and now friend, so thank-you so much Tamsyn for snapping and allowing this!

Our little article explains how I’ve gone from nurse to entrepreneur, about our recent recruitment and we hope it offers insight into our little brand that has big ideas! (Online article link to follow!)

Here’s to a great weekend to everyone, whatever your getting up to!

Adele xo


We made a mistake by well and truly ‘balls-ing’ up our pricing . We could try and hide such things, but we believe being candid about something we got wrong, is important.

We are a honest, hard-working, trustworthy brand…but we are only human.

With some coffee and rock music on loud, we have worked all night to bring the now re-priced Hostler Equine Packages.

Thank-you for your patience & support to you, our Customers, but also to both our Family and Friends.

Cheer’s to Edition 2.


New 2018 Price Packages!

It’s Here…. Finally! Anyone who has been following us the last few weeks/days…knows this has been well and truly in the pipeline!

To Loyal Customers – thanks for your patience! To our new customers joining the Hostler Team a warm welcome!

It’s safe to say with a sigh of relief, its published this evening (yay!). We’ve had more technical glitches along the way than anticipated but we are proud of it all the same.

The reason this has been so long in the making is simply because, we’ve invented it! We haven’t seen anything like it on the equestrian market so far and consequently have had to build it from scratch, redesign it (more than once!) and rebuild it!

We now have FOUR packages that we are able to personalise to your request. They are our very own Hostler;

  • Yard Package (for day to day care)
  • Holiday Package (sole charge)
  • Competition Package (all the frills & bows)
  • Extra’s Package (exactly that!)

We want to it to embrace our Innovative Brand, so we have developed a simple, user friendly but comprehensive equine package option. With of course includes, a side order of our trademark flexibility; by being able to make them, exactly how you want them!

There is a price increase, which as mentioned in our newsletter, we understand is nobodies favourite topic!! However (bear with me on this one!) we are innovating the Groom industry and therefore the related Customer service. All our grooms are British Groom Associate members and as we are now an Employer, we have proudly joined the Equestrian Employers Association.

Being part of a professional body isn’t just a tick box exercise for us, its about commitment to our industry, our workers, our customers and our brand.

More so, with our Brand developing and expanding we want to standardise our quality equestrian services to you our customers. That means the same Professional experienced care, tailored to you, no matter what event or location you may be!

We are proud to be a small business and through this development we can reinvest in the future of Professional Equestrian Grooming.

See you there!