Glebe Farm Livery


We are delighted to announce that we are opening a purpose built equestrian facility, 15 minutes outside of Grantham town centre.

Our working farm is nestled between established woodland and our liveries enjoy access to over 2500 acres of farmland and meandering Lincolnshire country.

We cater for all aspects of full and part livery packages, that can be tailored to meet your needs. We offer exercising and a range of facilities already accustomed to the Hostler client.

A beautiful and unique brand new ménage has been built, enclosed in mature woodland. Our farm atmosphere is tranquil and we feel that is passed on to our horses and clients.

Our revolutionary ‘no gossip policy’ protects those who aim to spend as much time as possible enjoying their hobby.

We can’t wait to show you around, so drop us a line and we can arrange an access all areas visit!

Here’s some photos to show you the Before & our Work in Progress!

One of the driveways past the beautiful woodland.

The Arena in progress 20×40; kick boards and the start of the fencing in progress.

The arena is nestled between the woodland on three sides, making a lovely picturesque and relaxing environment.

The Heritage Stables; of which we have 4.

This is before, we are in the process of completely refurbishing them including specially commissioned stable doors!

They are beautiful inside even in their historic state, beamed ceilings, original hay mangers and trough sturdy enough for the draft horses that used to work the land.